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[dfd_info_box delimiter_style=”solid” style=”style-01″ layout=”layout-04″ title=”HISTORY” title_font_options=”tag:div|font_size:32″ subtitle_font_options=”tag:div” font_options=”tag:div|font_size:20|color:%23919191|line_height:30|letter_spacing:0″ el_class=”info_box”]Our founder’s, Mr. Mike Panayiotou, relation with security systems started way back at 1966 when he was working in Toronto, Canada at the field of Security Systems. In 1980 he creates the first professional security systems installers company in Cyprus and one of the first in the Middle East. The name was a combination between his experience and his life. CYP(rus)-CANA(da) ALARMS LTD.
Through the years Cypcana alarms has built a strong reputation in Cyprus and Middle East serving industrial, commercial and residential markets for both personal and property protection. Cypcana is recognized for its advanced patented technologies, reliable high performance systems, and responsive customer support . With more than 9000 customers in Cyprus and more than 7000 connections to the central monitoring station, Cypcana is a leading company in the field of security systems with focus on the after sales service.
[/dfd_info_box][dfd_info_box delimiter_style=”solid” style=”style-01″ layout=”layout-04″ title=”VISION” title_font_options=”tag:div|font_size:32|color:%230c0c0c” subtitle_font_options=”tag:div” font_options=”tag:div|font_size:20|color:%23919191|line_height:30|letter_spacing:0″ title_ibg=”” title_t_heading=”” subtitle_t_heading=”” content_t_heading=”” title_d_heading=””]CYP-CANA ALARMS LTD has set itself a goal: to serve and fulfill all of its clients’ needs, to provide them with a one-stop-shop while customizing its services to the changing needs of its customers at any given moment.
CYP-CANA ALARMS LTD demonstrates flexibility and understanding in coming to adapt the client’s security needs and his budget and operative capability, while safeguarding the client’s security interests.[/dfd_info_box]